Dive medicine & hyperbarics

hyper02Holland, land of water and dykes.... No wonder the Dutch have an extensive marine and commercial diving industry. And that's not all, al lot of Dutchmen are avid divers! Either in the murky waters of our lakes and the North sea or nice and comfortable in the more tropical countries, you will find Dutch divers everywhere.

I was no exception. With a thorough background in respiratory physiology I quickly decided to take up Closed Circuit Diving (Tekstreme Egypt) . One thing led to the other and I got involved in diving medicine as well.

After being trained by the Scott Haldane Foundation I got registered at the European College of Baromedicine as a Diving Medicine Physician. I have worked with London Hyperbaric Medicine, taking care of elective HBOT wound patients, treating divers and mechanically ventilated critically ill patients who needed to go into the chamber.

I am available for locums in an hyperbaric centre abroad.




  • Master Scuba Diver
  • TDI Trimix OC
  • TDI Normoxic gas CCR
  • TDI advanced wreck
  • TDI hypoxic mix CCR